Tezos Tacos Fee Update, Minimum Delegation Amount and Launch of Our Bond Pool


Dear delegators and future delegators,

We are pleased to announce that our early and loyal delegators will keep the 7% delegation fee for 2019, by continuing baking with Tezos Tacos. Rest assured, you will be placed in our special map payouts, unless you go under the minimum delegation amount that will now be established at 500 XTZ.

The minimum delegation requirement will be effective at the start of cycle 110. This should give enough time for our delegators to adjust. And even if you don’t immediately take action to respect the new minimum requirement, we will manually pay out your rewards if you contact us within a period of six months after cycle 110. You simply have to contact our support team (by using our contact form or joining our Telegram group).

We have seen many services increase their respective fees (e.g. more than 40 million XTZ are delegated to services with a 15%+ fee). To remain sustainable, we are announcing that our fee for future delegators will now be at 10%. The change will take place starting at cycle 103.

We will also soon be launching our Bond Pool. This is your occasion to be part of our baking service and generate more rewards than you would normally.

The minimum requirement to participate in our Bond Pool is currently 20,000 XTZ. By participating in our Bond Pool, you acknowledge that you can’t withdraw your bond deposit for a minimum period of six months. If you want to renew for another 6 months or withdraw your XTZ from the bond pool, we’ll need to know your decision at least 2 months, prior to the end of our joint agreement. Hence, it gives Tezos Tacos enough time to manage the capacity and logistics of our service. Our mission is to offer an efficient, reliable and trustable baking service.

Here are the advantages of participating in our Bond Pool:

  • Secured custody of your funds using Ledger Nano S.
  • Rewards: 0% fee on your XTZ (bond deposit) + 50% of our baking service rewards (prorata of your bond deposit).

Every earned XTZ will be distributed between our delegators, our bond pool members and the Tezos Tacos team. Based on the current 10% service fee, and our 50/50 fee split – distribution will look like this:

  • 90% of the rewards go to Delegators
  • 5% of the rewards go to Bond Pool Members
  • 5% of the rewards go to the Tezos Tacos team

Please contact us (by using our contact form or joining our Telegram group) if you are interested in joining our bond pool.

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