Delegation FAQ

Delegation allows you to put your coins to work on the Tezos network by allowing another party to use your coins for baking. While delegation is set, you retain full and complete ownership over your coins at all times while earning baking rewards from Tezos Tacos. The reason for choosing delegation over solo-baking may include not having enough coins to meet the 8,000 coin minimum or simply not wanting to spend the time and effort involved with setting up a baking server.

You must set the Tezos Tacos tz1 account as the delegate on your KT1 account.

Our delegation address: tz1bkKTY9Y3rTsHbpr2fbGUCRm736LLquQfM

Note: Our minimum delegation amount is 500 XTZ.

Learn more in How To Delegate

For the coin holder, there is zero risk when delegating coins since you retain full ownership over the coins at all times. As your delegate, Tezos Tacos incurs all the risk associated with putting up the baking bond.

Tezos Tacos returns 93% of rewards to all delegators (you, the customer!) and retains 7% for providing this delegation service and supporting This amount is dynamic in relation to the number of rewards from each cycle based on the number of Tezos coins being baked overall on the network.

Rewards are paid during the cycle they are received from the network. As part of a safeguard, Tezos does not release baking rewards for 5 cycles following the baked cycle. We return your rewards as soon as they become available to us.

Yes! As you earn rewards, and a new snapshot of your account is taken each cycle by the Tezos network, your delegation amount will increase slightly. This happens automatically so you can let the rewards compound over time.

Bakers must put up a bond of roughly 8% of the amount of Tezos coins which are delegated to them. This means that if a baker does not have sufficient funds to cover the entire amount of coins delegated to them, they will not be awarded baking rewards for their entire delegation. Tezos Tacos has plenty of delegation space available and if we get closer to full capacity we will stop accepting new delegations.