Tezos Tacos has one goal: To provide customers with a professional Tezos delegation service while maintaining the highest standards of transparency and integrity.

As Tezos delegation services become over-delegated, more and more bakers will come online to fill the market demand for Tezos delegation. More bakers mean more decentralization, a major benefit of the Tezos blockchain.

At Tezos Tacos we want to be part of Tezos’ growth and further help to secure the network, decentralize the baking pool, and provide more opportunities for Tezos coin holders to
participate in baking by delegating their coins and earning baking rewards.

Tezos Montreal Meetup


Jean-François Hotte

Director of Operations

Jean-François Hotte is a serial Blockchain entrepreneur. Experienced in cryptocurrencies, security, baking, trading, staking and mining. He managed a myriad of blockchain blogs, a web marketing agency and other startups for the last 10 years. He is now full time involved in Tezos, co-founding Tezos Insider, Tezos Tacos and Crypto Insider.

He also actively participates in Montreal meetups.

Francis Brunelle

Software Developer / Baking Advisor

Francis has been passionate about Decentralized Web technologies since 2012. Over the years, he has developed a keen expertise with regards to many open source projects that can be used to build decentralized applications.


Francis is also organizer of Tezos Montreal Meetups and contributor to Tezos Agora as an advisor.

Zakaria Boukhcheb


Zakaria Boukhcheb is a math/stats student with interests in cryptocurrencies, game theory, economics, finance, technology, science & arts. Sovereign Individual. He is passionate by Tezos and smart contract platforms, hosting Tezos Montreal Meetups.


Director of Web-Development

Siliconist is a software engineer who is inchage of web-development and content strategy in the group. He has a degree in computer science engineering and has extensive experience developing mobile applications, websites, scalable and distributed real time systems, and smart contracts.